Bonjour to the Fall/Winter cozy season! Being in the midst of autumnal festivities...tailgate time, bonfires, soccer games, crisp days, apple picking, ..yummy! Fall clothes shopping, (fashion-wise) and upcoming Holiday madness, we will TAKE it ALL!!

Put your flip flops AWAY, put your painted toes in a bootie or sneaker. YES sneaker...On the streets all over Paris and London, it was all about the kicks. Sneakers ruled, all colors and styles. Such a departure from years past. 

Also Trending: Understated luxury, statement jewelry, all metals (rose, silver and gold), rich jeweled colors like burgundy and navy and grey.

Beat the chill in one of our Blanket Capes from Amsterdam, were obsessed! And to be even more luxuriously cozy, layer it over one of our Argentinean Lamb Moto Jackets. Voila'!

We're living in an unfiltered world, so is fashion...Street Style is taking hold, it's the best people watching, and how far can we take the athleisure trend?...It's so great to take a pair of leggings with a little detail from yoga, and with a quick addition of a BLANKET/SWEATER Cape, a ring, some wrist bling and a shoe change, go from studio, to work, to lunch and lots can happen!! Work-Out to Night-Out...who would have thought.

ALL the Decades are represented:

The Modern Bohemian, Luxe Peasant Hippie-Style, Masculine with Feminine layers, (androgynous mixing), some lace peaking out of that perfect black coat with trousers and boot. Vibrant Lips! Moto madness (Doma Leathers on LW), Hats (from Malibu, bigger than ever!) 

Keep it loose. Me-oww eyes. Get those nails painted, nails are strong for Fall/Winter, especially in Crimson, Ooh la la! Essentials for pile-it-on layering, still all about the mix, and finding your balance. 

Fashion girl problems? As Style Advisers and your personal shoppers, we want to guide + learn from you!

LW is full of this Season's treasures.

ALL Our Fashion Best,

Dot and Paige xo