Luxe Wagon Spring TidBits...we're going for 'quarterly substance'!

Our NEW Spring Espradrilles.

Our NEW Spring Espradrilles.

Quite the mix going on this year in Fashion and many choices to be made for sprucing up your stylish self and representing the best version of you.....were happy and honored to assist!

Freshly back from our trip to the Spring Market and WOW, 2015 is a fun year for one who likes to curate a functional and optimistic wardrobe. A LUXE WAGON experience was recently recounted by one of our enthusiastic customers, "It's very unique that my 60/something yr old wife can find such great wardrobe pieces on board and as she's leaving a 22yr. old steps on the truck and reaches for her fashion 'must haves' ". IT IS THIS sentiment that inspires our mission to bring ageless and authentic style with conscious quality to our customers who seek it!

The global tone seems to be saying it's all about the 90's minimal meets 70's 'NEW bohemian' chic, that's the style that's taking us into Spring and Summer and Fall (but let's not think too far ahead, right!) Were striving to Always Epitomize French-girl chic with the right handbag, the most flattering sleek sunnies, indulging in the quintessential flattering neutral palette of colors for that everyday 'uniform' those being blushes, whites, khakis, army greens, browns, navy and the always perfect BLACK! However, very evident and very NOW is American Style and were seeing it across the board. It's denim on denim, khakis are reborn and no pleats please! (I'm thinking Ali McGraw), Birk inspired sandals, sneakers, stacked heels, and currently on our radar...flat espradrilles (our 1st Luxe Wagon shoe to carry!) The gladiator IS the sandal du jour, as well as the chunky heel to help compliment the new wide legged dark denim silhouette, the skinny jean takes a rest...Culottes, meh. Ok, maybe. I know...let's get into the dress: in wanderlust-y prints (paired with a colorful new sneaker, perhaps?)

Romantic florals a must. Just introduce a little into your wardrobe, they are so feminine. Navy and gold is fresh! You can definitely find this combo on the Wagon! And certainly, do not forget to pile on the jewelry, it's always the perfect compliment! We've found a few new jewelry designers, you are going to love! And more 'must-have' designs from Chicago darling, Dana Reed...we can't get enough.

So, make room in your closet because we are hitting the road with a freewheeling fashion vengeance, we can't wait for you to ride along on our 2015 mobile journey!

We look forward to sharing the experience with you.

Happy Trails,

Paige and Dot...xoxo