The Luxe Wagon

was founded by two friends, Paige Fessenden and Dot Kesling, as a place to share their passions for fashion, customer service, art, and fuel their wanderlust. After a trip to New York City and exposure to the mobile concept, we decided to finally fuse our talents into action and realize this unique opportunity. 

‘Boutique on the go’ nurtures our desire to travel from place to place being refreshed and inspired, as  well as fulfilling a niche in the marketplace. Luxe Wagon will serve the areas of Michiana, depots throughout the resort communities of Harbor Country, extending to the North West Dunes Region, and all those private ‘pop-up’ events along the trail!




    Growing up outside of Chicago, I have always been intrigued by the “Hustle and Bustle” energy of big city life and the people who inhabit them.  A city offers endless people watching and is like a never-ending fashion show.  Having early exposure as a young girl to boutique shopping, (thanks to my style intuitive mom) I knew that one day I had to have an unconventional specialty shop of my own.   I love hunting down the best boutiques and hotspots in New York and Chicago, Consulting women on their home closets and immersing myself in all things fashion.  With an Art History degree fused with my love of fashion, I have worked for and managed women’s clothing boutiques my entire professional career.  From Water Tower Place in Chicago to small boutique’s nestled in Northern Indiana, I love nothing more than empowering women to make great fashion choices, while modernizing and honing their individual styles in their closets and in every day life.  When I’m not piloting the Luxe Wagon, I enjoy being a mother of two very active boys, cooking and watching movies with my husband.



    After 30 years of working in the Hospitality Industry, in Fashion and Design and exposure to Global Travel, my eyes have been opened to extraordinary levels of service from beautiful human souls.  Recognizing the importance of how you treat others has instilled in me, no matter what anyone is selling, that SERVICE is the key.

     I am a mother of four and that keeps things REAL. Years of fostering the uniqueness in each child have been a perfect caveat to meeting the needs of all my clients.  Nature has been a key source of my curiosity and inspiration, because of its colors and textures, as well as its marriage of fashion to commerce. Capturing the still life through the lens is also a love of mine. I get lost in creating spaces both large and small. I dress based on my mood; typically the Renaissance/Bohemian styles emerge. It’s great fun when you can offer women simple tips to boost their ease and comfort when styling one’s own personal look.