Lindsey O'Brien Kesling: Truly Oil Perfume

Lindsey O'Brien Kesling: Truly Oil Perfume


Truly Scent Oil Perfume


What does someone leave behind? Their last words, a burst of laughter, a piece of clothing, a sort of character worth noting, a memory of moments...a lingering scent. Truly scrumptious was inspired by a desire to capture a unique essence of a one-of-a-kind...Lindsey!

While searching for a perfumer I stumbled across a profile success story in a major publication featuring an artist that blended and infused botanical pure essential materials. Sounded like a kindred match, so the connection was made. Some personal items of Lindsey’s were sent to the Kansas City studio, pictures and stories shared. The process was awe-inspiring to say the least. The final note of the blend is hay–for the love she had for horses.


‘Truly’ is a reminder that we needn’t limit ourselves, that we are here to LOVE and help others. Where we place a period (.) in our life, limiting our gifts; God intends there to be a comma(,) to always persevere with hope, joy and thanks.


Why the name ‘Truly’? In Lindsey’s journal her top 5 baby girl names were listed. Guess what name was her first choice?!


A little goes along way, the nature of essential oils! 100% goes to the LOK Wishing Tree Foundation.


"I have never been a perfume wearer, it always overwhelmed me.  When essential oils started to become popular, I loved how they smelled on others, but I could never find the one I wanted.  I came across Truly on the Luxewagon with Paige and Dot, and I have never been so happy with a fragrance. This is the perfect combination of oils that I look forward to wearing every day. The fact that purchasing Truly gives to such a wonderful organization, cinches the deal that I will never go without Truly so long as they make it!  Thank you for creating such a beautiful fragrance with such a beautiful cause." ~ Elizabeth Campbell