Rosebud Women: Ritual Travel Kit

Rosebud Women: Ritual Travel Kit


About Rosebud Women

Refresh - Cleansing Wipes | Cleans and Cools Safely, without Surfactants or Soaps. Bamboo Cloth.

(3 units)                              

  • A gentle but effective leave-on cleanser and toner in a base of aloe, purified water, and witch hazel.
  • 15 Count Single-Use Intimate Wipes, on Ecologically Certified Bamboo Cloth
  • No soaps or surfactant 
  • Aloe and witch hazel form a soothing, pure base
  • Tea Tree, lavender, and H202 offer gentle cleansing and toning

Refresh is a gentle but effective leave-on cleanser and toner in a base of aloe, purified water, and witch hazel. We recommend it for before and after waxing, toileting, sex and exercise to gently clean, cool and take away undesirable bacteria. Soaps and surfactants are too irritating and mess with a healthy balance in the vaginal area- so we leave those out. A small amount of hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil and lavender act as gentle purifiers.                                                        

  •  Aloe Vera
  •  Golden and Silver Honeysuckle
  •  Lavender
  •  Perfoliate Honeysuckle
  •  Sugar Beet
  •  Tea Tree Oil
  •  Witch Hazel
  • Soothe - Calming Cream | Calms and Cools Redness, Reduces Irritation and Swelling. (15ml/.5 oz.)        
  • A Rich, Emollient Cream
  • High-Grade Arnica for Swollen Skin
  • Chamomile and Calendula for Redness and Irritation
  • Mint for Cooling

Our bodies’ natural state is vibrant and peaceful, but in the presence of life’s stressors, irritation, swelling, and abrasions can occur. To restore our skin’s optimal, healthy state of being, we created Soothe.      
Arouse - Stimulating Serum | Stimulates and Lubricates, Plumps and Tingles. (6ml/.2 oz.)
Honor - Everyday Balm | Adds Moisture, Improves Skin Density, Provides Daily Nourishment. (10ml/.33 oz.)        

  • Formulated with Traditional Aphrodisiacs
  • Fun!
  • Naturally Moisturizing and Lubricating

Arouse: Stimulating Serum
In 28% of pre-menopausal women and 58% of post-menopausal women, lack of sensation are an everyday reality. Arouse is formulated with traditional aphrodisiacal ingredients (such as Maca, Damiana, Suma, and Ashwagandha), as well as natural stimulants, including Spilanthes Acmella, or Buzz Buttons. Spilanthes is used in traditional medicine for oral hygiene and for excitation, to generate a tingling sensation and stimulate a natural moisturizing mechanism.      

Intimate moisturizer:

  • Use Every Night as Part of Your Bedtime Routine
  • Moisturizes Vulvar, Labia and Other Intimate Skin
  • Improves Skin Resilience and Bounce
  • Use to Accelerate Skin Repair and Anytime You're Dry

Honor is our signature balm. It moisturizes, conditions and replenishes intimate skin. In the jar, it's a thick, translucent unguent, but when placed on the skin it dissolves quickly into a luscious oil, with 10 to 15 minutes of "play time". Honor has a tender scent and a great texture. Our full-size jar is generously sized and meant to be used every day.