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Clean Out Your Closet!

Update. Donate. Recycle.

  • 4 hr 2 min
  • $85 an hour
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

I know that having many pretty things has never helped one get dressed Purging and editing a closet is an ongoing task; it is a response to constantly shifting phases of life. Our lives change, our bodies change, our tastes change, and we must continually honor and reflect that in our closets. After all, it’s the one place we visit every day before we go out into the world! You should be able to step into your space and have wardrobe essentials at the ready to rotate in and out of the day’s ever-changing schedule, whether that be working from home, traveling, going to the office, workout attire, driving kids to school, weekend outings, special occasions, or seasonal pieces. If you come to me for closet consultation, I will organize according to what makes sense for your lifestyle. In my experience, meeting two to three times a year as a baseline is necessary to achieve a manageable closet. Do you like it? How’s the fit? Does it work with your current lifestyle? Do you gravitate towards it? These are the questions I will ask you, so pretend I’m a doctor asking for your symptoms! I’m here to diagnose your closet needs. Making space for what truly captures your spirit is the only way to get to the root of your style. I like to go through each and every item in your closet—including accessories—and decide with you if it’s a keep, toss, donate, repair, or something that can be restyled by pairing it with a different piece that you already own. Let me help you reclaim some of your great clothes—it may just be with a roll of a sleeve or adding the right accessory. Quite often, a closet edit may just entail restyling your existing wardrobe by adding a few key items to elevate what you already own, not necessarily acquiring a new wardrobe or hopping on a trend. I promise I won’t make you get rid of things you love. We can find a special place for a few nostalgia pieces to coexist with the new. I understand the purging process can sometimes be an emotional one—I will always listen with deep compassion as style is a very personal thing. Some of my specifics? Assessing your shoe selection is a must; a shoe can make or break an outfit! I also like to get rid of the “crabby clothes.” You know what I mean—I find I grab some clothes that just make me feel kinda crabby because of the fit, but it’s there until its purged so I wear it out of convenience. Ugh, no! Let’s get rid of those “keepers” and replace them with something better.

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214 W Cleveland Rd, Granger, IN 46530, USA

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