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Every item I sell has a story. What's yours?  

Luxe Wagon is a mobile retail experience specializing in luxe jewelry, clothing, and accessories for women. Debuting in 2014, the Michiana area’s first boutique on wheels has become a local, experiential shopping place peruse for elevated pieces with storied craft. The fashion truck is a thoughtfully curated, extraordinary treasure trove filled with items that can’t be found elsewhere in the area. LW is also home to proprietor Paige Fessenden’s own creations, Little Branch Soy Candles —100% soy candles she has been pouring in her
Michigan kitchen for 15 years. 

Luxe Wagon frequently schedules parking dates around town and can be booked for appointment shopping and private parties. This includes traveling to your driveway, rolling out the eclectic blue mat, queuing a cool playlist of your choice, and pouring bubbly for a fun girls’ time together.


Meet  Paige Fessenden


Growing up in Northwest Indiana just 60 miles outside of Chicago, Paige has always loved everything about Big City life and observing style and fashion around her. Her chic mom worked at a local, hip boutique in town, which helped Paige understand that clothing is both beautiful and transcendental for a woman. Today, she wants to empower women by helping them feel good about their choices and curating a personal, luxurious shopping experience.


Paige has worked in fashion retail for over 25 years, from Victoria’s Secret Downtown Chicago to managing boutiques in New Buffalo, MI and Elkhart, IN. Keeping her hand in fashion while raising her two young boys, she started closet consulting/editing and building wardrobes for women. This is still a passion of hers and a service she offers through the Luxe Wagon.


She is so happy when traveling to New York, her favorite city (next to Chicago)—walking the neighborhoods, gathering inspiration, and meeting with designers while selecting the best for her loyal customers and friends. It was a trip to Manhattan that motivated Paige to bring an on-the-go, rolling boutique concept back home to The Midwest.


Today, Paige is sole owner of and buyer for the Wagon. Happily married for 20 years and now not only a mother to two boys but a daughter as well, Paige feels it’s been most rewarding for her school-aged children to see her as a woman entrepreneur living her passion by contributing to their community.


Some of her very favorite things to create space for are discovering clean beauty products, cooking, watching movies, and reading books and fashion mags. She loves travel because it allows her to explore and be curious, some of her true delights when time and freedom in the Universe allow. 

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