Paige Fessenden

For Paige Fessenden, life’s a highway and a fashion runway.


She co-founded Luxe Wagon, a fashion retailer truck often referred to as “the wagon,” in 2014 with her dear friend, Dot Kesling. An entrepreneur at heart, Paige always dreamed of merging her background in art, her passion for fashion, and her urban retail experience into a business. It was a trip to New York City that prompted Paige to bring her inspiration for an on-the-go clothier back home to Michiana.


Today, Paige is sole owner of and buyer for the wagon, or as she calls it “a food truck for fashion.” She recently established a brick and mortar store in downtown South Bend, Indiana. Paige has a committed sales team that helps her on the road and in the store.


Paige’s husband and their three children, Warren, Larson, and Sloane, support Paige in all things fashion and more.