My name is Paige Fessenden and I live for fashion and empowering women to feel their best while having a great shopping experience! I have worked in fashion retail for 22 years and I am so happy to bring designers from Paris, New York, Chicago and LA into my own mobile boutique. I take great pleasure scouring the markets to find the best clothes and accessories with a solid backstory behind them;
I want my customers to feel great about their purchases.

I co-founded Luxe Wagon, a fashion retailer truck often referred to as “the wagon,” in 2014 with my dear friend,
Dot Kesling. I am an entrepreneur at heart and so lucky to have been able to turn my background in art, my passion for fashion, and my urban retail experience into a business. It was a trip to New York City that inspired me to bring the an on-the-go clothier back home to Michiana.


Today, I am sole owner of and buyer for the wagon, or as I like to call it “a food truck for fashion.” I have a committed sales team that helps me on the road and the most supportive husband and three children: Warren, Larson and Sloane; who support me in all things, fashion and more.

~ Paige Fessenden


Every item I sell has a story. What's yours?