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Editing & Consulting


I know that having many pretty things has never helped one get dressed.  I’ve learned that purging and editing a closet is an ongoing task especially after having children, moving into a new decade or going through any of life’s big changes. Our lives change, our bodies change, our tastes change and we must continually honor and reflect that in our closets, the one place we  visit everyday to get us ready for our daily life!


In my experience meeting 2-3 times a year as a baseline is recommended to get ones closet manageable. I will organize according to what makes sense for your lifestyle. One should be able to step into their space and have wardrobe essentials at the ready to rotate in and out of the days ever-changing schedule. Whether that be working from home, traveling, going to the office, workout attire, driving kids to school, weekend, special occasions or seasonal pieces. I like to go through each and every item in your closet including accessories and decide with you if its a keep, toss, donate, repair or something that can be restyled by pairing it with something different that you already own.  Looking at your shoe selection is a must, as the wrong shoe can make or break an outfit.                                                                                      

Let me help you reclaim some of your great clothes, it may just be with a roll of a sleeve or by adding the right accessory for an update. Quite often a closet edit for some, just may entail restyling your existing wardrobe by adding a few key items. 


I will ask you questions like:

Do you like it? Hows the fit? Does it work with your current lifestyle? Do you gravitate towards it? I also like to help get rid of the “crabby clothes” meaning, I find I grab some clothes that just can make me feel kinda crabby because of the fit but it's there until its purged so I grab it out of convenience. Ugh no let's get rid of those “keepers” and replace them with something better. Life’s too short to wear uncomfortable clothes. Let’s work on how we can best reflect your current lifestyle to match your closet. We will find the right balance between the clothing groups to ensure you have key wardrobe staples for great seasonal transitions.

The goal is to ease the uncertainty of what to wear and how to wear it. Clothing has become so season-less the last several years especially in the Midwest, as we often contend with unpredictable weather. I will take notes for you and for myself as to always have a running list of your needs and to keep those needs in mind as I'm buying for LW.  Also, after putting together some key outfits and looks as your get ready go to’s, I will take pics so you have images to refer to for look inspiration.


My personal dressing and LW buying mantra: 

Less, but better….choosing quality vs quantity is definitely the goal with the closet edit, as to move your wardrobe into less trendy and not succumb to disposable clothing, which I find are the first pieces that get added to the donate pile.  I want to help you move into or hone your everyday style, one that you can achieve most effortlessly and attainably on a daily basis.  It may be as simple as just adding a few high-quality items to elevate what you already own, not necessarily a new wardrobe or following trends.  We all should have a weekly capsule to choose from and then have those WOW pieces for special occasions that will come up. Sometimes we do not want to part with our clothes as we feel our closets will look too bare.  Making space for what truly captures the spirit of you is the only way to get to the root of your style. How about the time-saving aspect too, knowing you will no longer have to shuffle over things that don’t suit you anymore. 


In our first session, I  recommend a minimum of 2-3 hours of course, this may vary depending on your individual needs. We can discuss over a call prior to appointment, to better prioritize your needs and goals. I will also encourage you to do a pre-edit first and guide you through a quick hour or 2 on your own to purge what you know 100% has to go. It helps to have some piles in place before I arrive as this will help me have a better game plan when we begin your closet as I want to utilize the best of our time together so when we have our 1st appointment, we can dive right in! Together, we will create more space in your closet to give the right pieces more visibility, while getting rid of the not so right pieces.  It’s  especially crucial to have someone tell you the truth on the fit whether it’s flattering or not, a human mirror. 

It’s amazing how cathartic a good closet cleaning can make you feel!  Not to mention how much more fun it is getting ready in the morning or for a much needed evening out. I look forward to helping you conquer a much needed task while creating it into a great experience. Not to worry, I promise I won’t make you get rid of things you love and we can find a special place for a few nostalgia pieces to coexist with the new.  I understand the purging process can sometimes be an emotional one and I will always listen with deep compassion as style is a very personal thing. 


Fee for this service: $85/hour, along with that, I’ll always be on the lookout for items on your list via the wagon. So, I’ll be a bit of a personal stylist in that regard too. 

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