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Welcome to the Wagon!
Luxurious Fashion. Now a Brick and Mortar! Online Store.

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I’ve decided to park the wagon for awhile and focus on being in one place! After 9 years of quite the ride, my heart longs for being in community with events and putting into play creative ideas I’ve been incubating and feel can only fully come into fruition in my own place with more space. 

I will so miss all the people I’ve come accustomed to seeing at my stops especially @skipsnewbuffalo as this is the 1st Summer LW will not be there since we’ve started. I do hope you all hop over for a lil road trip from the lake sometime. It’s quite a destination spot over here, with different shops, a fabulous Juicery next door and to see LW in its expansion. I’m so grateful for the communities that have embraced my venture of mobile, I honestly can’t tell you the joy and the very special women it has brought into my life.

I’m continuing in the spirit of women supporting women and to bring all the joy and beautiful things your way in my new brick and mortar! I’m so excited for this next chapter as it’s always been my dream to be a boutique owner and buyer of beautiful treasures. Location is 214 W Cleveland Road in Granger, Indiana. 

Cue the dance music 💃🏻💙 xo Paige #luxewagon

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