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Spring 2018 NYC Buying Trip

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I’m writing to you fresh off a buying trip from NYC, my favorite city to explore and gather encouragement and stimulus.

My afternoons were spent perusing and editing the best lines for Spring/Summer and Fall to bring them to the Luxe Wagon. The spirit of Spring was definitely in the air and it looked amazing!

The Lower East Side is a rich neighborhood culture all its own. Full of quaint shops, several fabulous restaurants, street-inspired art and graffiti at every turn. Self expression in all forms were visually on display.

A few of my NYC highlights are below.

Shops That Inspired:

  • Kirna Zabête

  • Rituals Vintage

  • ArtFashion (Patricia Fields)


  • Dirty French. 3 times in one trip, it's that great!

  • Peter Lugers. 125 year-old institution in Brooklyn.

  • Clinton Street Baking Company. Brunch!


  • Lower East Side. A true NYC neighborhood and exploring it.

  • Seeing John Lithgow on Broadway!

  • Walking across the Williamsborough Bridge to and from dinner.

Celeb Spotting:

  • Steve Martin was at our show!

  • Ruth Wilson from The Affair hailing a Taxi, my favorite TV guilty pleasure since it aired in 2014. 

In fashion, the overall vibe in NY and the feeling at home is

a very, "Wear what you want, everything goes in fashion."

I’m keeping with the “you do you” expression in all art forms.


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